Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chipotle?
A chipotle is a ripe Jalapeno chile that has been smoked and dried.

Do you use preservatives?
No, we do not use any preservatives, MSG or anti-caking agents. The dry spices may get a little clumpy, but give it a quick shake and you are back in business.

16 mil SHU capsaicin?

Yes!  We've found 16million 100% pure crystalline capsaicin, made from all natural chiles.  It is not synthesizeds.

Are your products available in any stores?

as of June 14, 2016, our bottled sauces are no longer available to order online.  They are still available at stores in the Methow Valley.

Hank's Harvest Foods, Twisp, WA

Aspen Grove, Winthrop WA

Mazama Store, Mazama WA

Carlton General Store, Carlton, WA


Why do you only use USPS?
We live in a very rural area. The closest UPS drop off location is 25 miles away and other UPS pick up services are not economical. At this point in our business, it is not cost effective to use UPS.  If you would REALLY prefer to have your items shipped via UPS, we can accomodate your request, but we may not be able to get your goodies to you as quickly as we can using USPS. Feel free to contact us with any shipping questions or concerns.

For International Shipping, please us the International BUY button.


Why is your business called Texas Creek but you live in Washington?
Because there really is a creek by the name of Texas Creek right outside our front door.