Recipe Ideas


Cooking Ideas for Texas Creek Pure Evil

Pure Evil will add heat to anything without changing the taste.

Soup, chili, eggs, casseroles, other sauces or salsa that just aren't hot enough

Condiments such as catsup, mustard, mayo, soy sauce

Marinades, rub on jerky meat before drying, mix into sausage meats, gravy

Mixed drinks (Bloody Mary, Oh Yea!), ice cream, baked goods, chocolates and other candies

Chocolate sauce, milk, ramen noodles, spaghetti, enchilada sauce...

Pure Evil can be used in pretty much anything.

Texas Creek Organic Southwest Spice Mix

Cooking Ideas for Texas Creek Organic Southwest Spice Mix

Taco Meat
Add 1 tablespoon Southwest Spice mix to 1 pound of beef, chicken, or turkey.

Add to soups, casseroles, eggs, hashbrowns, and sandwiches.

Add to melted butter for fish, shrimp, and popcorn.

Add 2 teaspoons Southwest spice mix to 1/2 cup milk and 1 (8 0z) pkg softened cream cheese for a yummy dip. Add more milk if desired.

Add 2 teaspoons Southwest Spice Mix to 2 cups sour cream for another spicy dip.


Cooking Ideas for Texas Creek Tropical Ghost Glaze

Marinate chicken or pork for a couple hours in a little bit of Tropical Ghost Glaze (it doesn't need a lot!) and then bake or grill the chicken or pork. Pour on a little more Tropical Ghost Glaze when it's plated.

Pour a little Tropical Ghost over fish or shrimp and then bake or grill. Pour on a little more Tropical Ghost sauce when it's plated. We like to serve the fish over rice with Tropical Ghost sauce.

Use Tropical Ghost Glaze when making stir fry dishes.

Dip egg rolls into Tropical Ghost sauce.

Spice up any kind of veggies with Tropical Ghost Glaze. It's awesome on steamed fresh veggies or even canned corn! (drain the corn before adding the Tropical Ghost Glaze)

Fry up some tofu and serve with Texas Creek Tropical Ghost Glaze.

Texas Creek Wildfire Hot Sauce Texas Creek Chipolte Hot Sauce

Ways to use Texas Creek Ghost Fire Hot Sauce, Wildfire Hot Sauce and Chipotle Hot Sauce

eggs, tomato soup, mac & cheese
cottage cheese, vegetables, soups, sandwiches
nachos, meatloaf, hashbrowns
meat, potatoes,
breakfast, lunch, (snacks)& dinner
pretty much EVERYTHING!


What's your favorite way to use Texas Creek hot sauces, Ghost Glaze or Spice Mix? Drop us a line, we'll add it to the list!